2016 Salomon Official 155cm

Brand – Salomon

Model – Official

Length – 155cm

Camber Profile – Full Camber

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Key Board Specs – Ghost Green Core, Sintered Base, EQ 5 Sidecut, Freestyle Edge Bevel, Bamboo Rods, Carbon Inlays

What the Company Says – Constructed to guide you through this season’s biggest and baddest setups, the Official Snowboard is packed with technology for sending it, including a bamboo Popster Eco Booster Core for snap off the lip. Featuring the all-new Slingshot Sidewall for added control and power under foot, plus a Camber profile and EQ5 for steadfast edge control.

On Snow Feel – Semi-Catchy – This board is very stable while flat-basing and one footing, but you do have to be on your game.  Before you ride this board, you should definitely know what you’re doing on a board and be very aware of your edges and how you are changing the board.  If you slack off, this board is very capable of bucking you off, but for the most part, it offers up a very stable, responsive ride.

Flex – 6 – Medium-Stiff flex, between a 5 and 6 depending on how heavy you are, capable of buttering and pressing but will take some work on the rider’s end.

Turn Initiation – Fast – Since this board is so responsive with the full camber profile and the medium-stiff flex, if you know how to turn a board, you can get this board on edge pretty quickly.  Maybe not the absolute best board for tight trees but anywhere else on the mountain is no problem.

*Ratings will be Poor, Average, Good, Great, and Excellent, and explanations will follow.*

Edge Hold – Excellent – The Official, with its EQ 5 Sidecut, which is actually a series of five straight lines that compose the sidecut of the board, is very good at holding an edge.  I rode this board for most of the season and I only lost an edge once or twice.  The EQ 5 Sidecut is meant to create more predictable edge hold by using the straight lines, which more easily mold to the shape of the snow you’re riding than traditional sidecuts, and makes for a much easier ride.  Because the sidecut can mold to the shape of the snow more easily, riders have constant edge contact on snow which brings a smoother feel to the ride.  This sidecut also allows for more maneuverability and easier corrections because of how pressure is evenly distributed across the edge of the board.

Powder – Average – Not made for powder.  It can handle a little bit of the goods but the heavy camber in the board makes it want to pull the nose down so if you tried this in deep powder, it would take a lot of effort to keep it afloat.  I rode it at Jay Peak in Vermont with around 5-7 inches of fresh snow and it worked but it was tough on the legs.  Probably best to just leave this one at home on a powder day.

Carving – Excellent – Awesome carving board, the sidecut really lets you lay into the snow and carve out really fun turns.

Speed – Excellent – Super fast base, never had any trouble getting speed.  This board likes to ride aggressive and go fast.  It rides super smooth when you’re at speed, but can get a little fussy at slower speed or on bad snow.

Uneven Terrain – Good – Not terrible going over uneven terrain, but the stiffer flex definitely doesn’t do it any favors.  Like I said before, it gets a little fussy when over rougher terrain.

Switch – Great – Although it is marketed as a directional twin, if you set up the board with a centered stance and similar binding angles, it feels about the same both ways.  Great freestyle deck.

Jumps – Excellent – The Official really excels here.  The flex and the camber provide a super responsive, poppy feel and the addition of Salomon’s Popster Eco Booster Core, which adds bamboo rods to the core of the board, provides tons of extra spring on ollies and jumps.  The camber gives a stable platform for take-offs and helps save you if you land a little backseat.  Overall, great ollie power and amazing pop off jumps.

Jibbing – Good – Not really made for the jib park with the stiffer flex and heavy camber, but it can handle some less technical rail tricks.  The freestyle edge bevel gives a little bit less catchy feel when on rails, by detuning the tip and tail, then having a two (2°) degree bevel until the bindings, and a three (3°) degree bevel between the feet.  This allows the board to still have enough bite to hold its edge, but be able to slide across rails a little easier.

Pipe – Excellent – Incredible pipe board.  The combination of the camber, flex, and edge hold makes for a super fun ride in the pipe.  Definitely another spot where the Official thrives.

Overall, the Salomon Official is an incredible, responsive, super fun board.  It like to ride fast and aggressive and is not so much a fan of going too slow.  Although it is full camber, it’s not super catchy.  It can still buck you off if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing.  I was lucky enough to get some advice on this board from Salomon pro rider Jamie Nicholls after shooting him a message on Facebook.  Super cool guy, so grateful he took the time to respond to my message, and so glad that I listened and scooped this deck.  The Official has been one of the best boards I’ve ridden.  It’s a must bring when I go to the mountain.  Pretty cool graphics too haha.


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