Valle Nevado getting 19 feet of snow?!?!

With it being summer in North America, South America is enjoying a healthy dose of snow during their winter months.  Because of El Nino, South American resorts have been getting hit hard.  Earlier this week, Valle Nevado ski area, in Chile, was expecting 19 feet of fresh powder!  While this sounds outrageous, that was only a prediction.  The real number, however, is also very impressive, as they were now expecting 88 inches of snow this week, with 64 inches of that coming during Thursday, August 6th.  As morning broke on Valle Nevado, resort goers and staff awoke to find 20 inches already laying on the mountains around them.  There is no question that if you are in the northern hemisphere and can get to Chile, now is the time to do it because it is firing down there in the Andes.IMG_1452-300x225

*Morning at Valle Nevado Ski Area, Chile


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